7 Pothole Pledge: Giant piece of concrete goes flying, crashes through tire shop window in Westland

WESTLAND, Mich. (WXYZ) - The 7 Pothole Pledge was put to the test today after a pothole caused a piece of concrete to go crashing into a tire shop. We called to the city of Westland and what happened next is pretty impressive.

Kenneth Belanger is the owner of Belanger Tire and says, "About 11:30 am there was this big explosion and I looked to my left and there was this big piece of concrete that had come through my window."

"It was a school bus that hit it with it's rear wheel and sent it rolling through my front window," he explains.

A giant piece of concrete ricocheted off a flower pot and is now parked inside his tire shop.

The pothole is on Warren, near Wayne Road. It's also a county road that the Road Commission for Wayne County hasn't fixed.

But the city of Westland takes care of business. After just one phone call from 7 Action News, Westland road crews were on the scene twenty minutes later, patching a road that they don't even own.
"Congratulations to Channel 7! We all need to work together," says Kenneth Belanger.

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