A 7-year-old boy who hung himself may have been depressed and bullied at school

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A 7-year-old who hung himself in a suspected suicide may have been depressed and bullied.

Police believe the boy's death is a suicide after speaking with the 7-year-old's mother who told them that the child was depressed.  She said he was being bullied at school and was having a hard time dealing with her separation from his father. 

The 7-year-old hung himself with a belt at his home on Pingree Street shortly before 7:00 pm Wednesday. 

Neighbors ran outside when they heard screaming coming from the house. The next door neighbor said that the boy's older sister was lying on the front lawn crying uncontrollably and told him that her brother killed himself. 

"I just can't conceive that a 7-year-old would put a belt around his neck and hang himself," said Harold Pleasant who lives next door to the family. "I would have to believe it had to have been an accident."

Unfortunately, police do believe this is a suicide. 

Police are trying to talk with numerous adults to find out about the bullying at school and to speak with anyone aware of his depression to see if there was anything being done to help the child. Neighbors say the boy lived at the home with his sisters.

Police are not releasing the boy's name at this time.

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