A kitten is thrown from a speeding SUV out onto the Southfield Freeway

DEARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) - "We both kind of went into shock mode and said, what was that?" said Ronald Haas Jr.

Haas and Niel Rishoi drove on the Southfield Freeway through Dearborn this afternoon, when flung from the black SUV in front of them was the unexpected.

"We saw this animal being thrown from the car and it immediately registered as a cat," said Rishoi.

A black kitten with big green eyes, only about eight weeks old, rolled into the median.   

"I cannot believe what I saw," is what Haas said he was thinking.  He said the black Ford had to have been speeding at some 70 miles an hour.   "When she went under the car and it was spun and she went directly toward the high retaining wall basically running along that and trying to climb up."

But there was not a scratch on the feline. 

"I had to take my shirt off and put it over her because she was so scared and panicked and we brought her home."

The Livonia men took her home and named her Dora.  Their two dogs seem to like her well enough.  The Irish Red and White Setter named Jennie has already been tapping into her motherly instincts.

"At first they didn't know what to make of her," said Haas.  "But now I guess they are happy to have her."

"Canine meets feline," said Rioshi.

Dora was thrown for dead not too far from the Dearborn Animal Shelter.  But instead of taking her there, they will visit their own vet in the morning.  Dora is now the newest addition to their family.  

"We are elated that we were able to save her, but I don't think we'll ever get over the inhumanity done to this little creature," said Rioshi. 

The men were so busy trying to save the kitten that they were not able to get a license plate number from the SUV so they did not go to police.

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