A man with 48 years in law enforcement says be patient, there will be charges in the Bashara case

GROSSE POINTE PARK, Mich (WXYZ) - Bill Dwyer spent more than 48 years in law enforcement, he has handled many homicide cases and he says these cases takes time.

Dwyer says he has been following the Bashara murder case and he knows Grosse Pointe Park police are making sure when they charge, the charges will stick.

He says just because Joe Gentz has confessed, police will try to corroborate what he says, with evidence, video if they have it, DNA, blood, they just can't run to the prosecutor based on the statements Gentz has made.

Dwyer says all the stories about Bob Bashara's personal life and just the murder of his wife Jane by itself has drawn national attention and that's even more reason for the police to make sure they have covered all their bases.

Dwyer says he knows Grosse Pointe Park is being assisted by Michigan State Police and Detroit Police and that helps with evidence gathering and every other aspect of what Dwyer calls a "bizarre" case.

Dwyer says he is confident that in the end, the right person or people will be charged and justice will be served.

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