A security camera catches a car break-in at new store in Detroit

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - The wife of a Detroit store owner had her whole identity stolen is less than two minutes.

“Snatched the purse and took off,” said Jason Koja.

Koja’s wife had her I.D., green card, passport and other important documents inside her purse when someone broke into her car.

“I just want it back.   It’s a hassle trying to get everything back,” said Koja.

The break-in happened in the parking lot of a new dollar store Koja and his partners recently opened on Grand River.  A security camera caught the theft yesterday afternoon when his wife ran into the store for a few minutes, but that’s all it took.

The surveillance tape shows a dark colored vehicle pulling into the parking lot and parking next to her car while waiting for a second vehicle, a white car, to be the lookout.  The vehicles both take off once the suspects have the purse.

“It makes it harder for us to operate.  Sometimes it makes us think of stopping investing into more businesses,” said Koja.

He’s not the only one angry.

“Very, very, very upset.  Throw a lot of intensifiers in there.  Very upset,” said Coach Muhsin Muhammad. 

Muhammad is the head of a neighborhood watch group called the Grandmont Patrol.  He said the group is working with Detroit Police Chief James Craig, who is teaching business owners how to prevent crimes.

“A lot of people don’t understand that they are victims because they are untrained.  So we need to train the owners and the citizens on how to protect themselves,” said Muhammad.

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