A temporary fix is stopping water that has flowed non-stop in a church for four days

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - A temporary fix shuts off water inside a flooded Church in Detroit where the water has been running non-stop for four days.

Hundreds of gallons of water flooded Church of Christ, off Conant, before the contractor could shut off the water today.

“It was quite extreme because of the fact that there was a lot of water pressure,” said Al David with Emergency Restoration. 

The contractor put a temporary fix to the problem by shutting off the water inside the building.

The Detroit Water and Sewage Department has been trying to find the shut off valve for four days.  Since then the water was flowing non-stop.

“Did a job the city couldn’t do, stop the water,” said Clarence Murphy, a trustee of the church.

We first told you about the flooded church when thieves stole the copper pipes and caused the water main burst.  Everything was flooded. 

“The hallway was full of water.  Two inches, three inches in some areas, standing,” said David.

Water flowed out of the ground and through the doors, the foundation.

“We really don’t know how much damage is done and what the insurance will cover,” said Murphy.

The clean up started today.  Crews ripped out a lot of the carpeting.  Even though the water is shut off inside, the problem won’t be fully solved until crews outside find the pipes shut off valve.

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