A township official gets caught removing someone else's campaign signs

PLYMOUTH TWP., Mich. (WXYZ) - When Rita White got the call about someone removing her campaign signs, she almost couldn't believe it.

"I was absolutely appalled," said White.  Especially, because of who it was that took the signs.

"To see our township supervisor spend his time, that concerned with a lawn sign," said White.

She drove over and got the proof herself with her cell phone. You can see Plymouth Township Supervisor Richard Reaume in the video as he walks off with her signs and then throws them in the dumpster.

"At this point, i really think it's time for a change," said White.

But they're not even running for the same office. White is running for treasurer. Reaume is trying to get re-elected to township supervisor. She is a Democrat and he is a Republican.

"I think it's the issue that he has two democrats that very well know what they're doing and know what needs to be done with the township," said White.

Reaume told me it has nothing to do with political affiliations. He admitted to taking the signs but said later he pulled them out of the trash. He refused an interview, but told me by phone he that he asked the building owner if everyone had gotten permission to put their signs on the lawn. Reaume said the owner told him he could remove the signs of people who did not ask for permission. White was one of them and she admitted she did not ask permission. Reaume said he also removed a Proposal 2 sign.

The Plymouth Township clerk said the only person who has the authority to remove a political sign from the lawn is the candidate themselves, or the owner of the private property where the sign was placed.

Reaume admitted he should have let the property owner remove the signs. White said she expects a little more leading up to election day.  

"We need to hold this campaign as a fair campaign. It needs to be straight across the board everyone should get a chance to campaign fairly," said White.

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