A Westland woman wakes up to find a man standing over her bed

WESTLAND, Mich ( wxyz) - A Westland woman says she woke up in the early morning hours of October 26 to find a man standing over her, he put his hands over her mouth and told her to be quiet.

She started screaming and kicking and he ran and jumped off the second floor balcony--the same way he got into her place.

The 34-year-old woman says she ran in the hallway of her apartment building yelling for help and banging on the walls, her neighbor ran out to help her and then called 911.

Police are investigating and since it happened the woman says she has put a lock on her bedroom door, a golf club by her bedside and she is carrying mace where ever she goes.

"I was terrified," says the woman who we are not identifying. She had $300 on the table outside her bedroom and the man never touched it, so she says she believes she knows what he came for.

She had a small cut on her face where he put his hands. He also left prints on the wall. Police are looking at all of the evidence. They are also in search of a white pick-up truck that neighbors say the suspect was driving.  Police are hoping someone knows who this might be and will notify them.

In the meantime, they are urging women and everyone to keep lights on and doors locked and some sort of stick or bolt on door walls.

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