An expert weighs in on what we can expect the qualifications of a Detroit EFM to look like

DETROIT (WXYZ) - It appears an emergency financial manager will likely come in to help Detroit get back on its feet, but the governor is keeping pretty tight lipped about who he wants in the position.

The person will have to be a numbers person and they don't necessarily have to be likable, says University of Michigan Communication Studies and Political Science Professor Michael Traugott.

Detroiters have a lot of questions and concerns about the type of person who would come into the city as an emergency financial manager.

"What is it that the emergency manager is going to do for the common people?" asked Dawn Greene-Armstead, the President of the Desoto Ellsworth Community Council.

"I don't want him to take over with the city management and forget about the neighborhoods we live in every day," said Rev. Gary Jennings.

Governor Rick Snyder already said he has a top notch person in mind.  That person will need a strong accounting background said Traugott. 

"Most important qualities would be some managerial background and experience combined with some accounting and financial management experience as well," said Traugott.  He also said the person does not have to appeal to voters.

"I don't imagine that it probably would be a very personable individual because of the financial management and accounting background," said Traugott.

He also does not expect the person will need to have a strong political background.

"I think it would actually make the person more of a contested person if they had some political background whether it was a Republican or Democrat.  Certainly if it was a Republican and even if it was a Democrat," said Traugott.

Traugott also believes it is unlikely an EFM would start selling off some of the city's assets like Belle Isle or the water and sewage treatment plant just to get the city out of the red. 

He also said he does not believe the person needs to be a native of Detroit - as long as they have the strong financial and management background to get the job done.

Even though Detroiters have mixed views on if they want an EFM or not, they hope cleaning up the city's finances will help clean up the city's streets.

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