Bicyclist shot during altercation with pickup driver in Taylor, later dies from injuries

TAYLOR, Mich (wxyz) - An unusual case of rage ended Wednesday evening in Taylor with a bicyclist dead from a gunshot wound and a driver of a pickup truck in police custody.

The incident happened Wednesday evening at Telegraph and Northline Road. Witnesses say the bicyclist went against the light, hit the truck and then angrily started attacking the driver, punching him over and over again.

Then witnesses say the driver pulled a gun and shot the bicyclist in the chest.

"It was horrible" says Michelle Noffsinger who was driving behind the truck. "I have never seen anything like this and never want to again, it was just awful."

The driver of the pickup, who police say had a permit to carry the weapon, never got out of his truck but did call 911 and waited for police to take him into custody.

The bicyclist was rushed to the hospital where he later died from his injuries.

Police say the case will go to the prosecutor. They also say their findings are consistent with what witnesses saw; the bicyclist was at fault in the accident and then did attack the driver of the truck.

The driver is 46 and from Taylor.

Everyone who witnessed the incident said it was so bizarre and could have been avoided if the bicyclist had stopped at the light.

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