Art Blackwell says he's innocent of Highland Park embezzlement charges

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich (WXYZ) - Art Blackwell says it was an "egregious error" for the Michigan Court of Appeals to reinstate criminal charges against him, charges of embezzlement that were dismissed by a lower court judge in 2011.

He says he's not worried though because he says he did nothing wrong.  He says "I don't think I am innocent, I know I am innocent and there's a difference."

It is alleged that Blackwell improperly paid himself $264-thousand when he was the Emergency Financial Manager, but he says that was money that was promised to him in a verbal agreement with the Governor at the time, Jennifer Granholm.

The original accusations came from Robert Davis, a School Board Member in Highland Park at the time and a one time opponent of Blackwell's son. Blackwell says that seems politically motivated to him.

The Wayne County Prosecutor's office issued a statement saying they are pleased with the Court of Appeals ruling and they always believed the lower court made an error when charges were dismissed.

Blackwell and his lawyer will appeal to the State Supreme Court which doesn't have to hear the case.

Blackwell says he actually would look forward to his day in court because he says he can prove he did nothing wrong.

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