Attorney appointed to Joe Gentz in Bashara murder case

(WXYZ) - Grosse Pointe Park Police may have released Joe Gentz from their custody, but the case against him and possibly others is continuing as a judge appoints an attorney to represent Gentz who has already told police that he was involved in the murder of Jane Bashara .

Prosecutors requested that Wayne County Judge Timothy Kenny allow Gentz to have court-appointed counsel despite the fact that, at least for now, Gentz has not been charged in the case.

Attorney Susan Reed would not comment other than to confirm that she now represents Gentz,

Gentz is the only person who has come forward to admit that he played a significant role in the death of the Grosse Pointe Park woman and legal experts believe prosecutors asked for, and the judge granted, a court-appointed attorney for Gentz to protect his rights as well as the case.

The appointment of counsel may indicate that charges could be forthcoming.

Detectives in Gross Pointe Park are following up on evidence. Grosse Pointe Park Police Chief David Hiller would not elaborate. 

An assistant to Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy would not comment on the extent of their office's involvement in the investigation.

Jane Bashara was found murdered on January 25th in her Mercedes-Benz SUV on Detroit's east side.

It was determined that she had been strangled.

Her husband, Bob Bashara, is considered a person of interest in the case.

Police sources reveal that Gentz has also implicated Bob Bashara in his wife's killing.

Bob Bashara has maintained his innocence and paints Gentz as a handyman who was upset about money he felt he was owed for work on Bashara's properties.

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