Bob Bashara's ex-attorney says Bashara will likely be charged in connection with wife's death

(WXYZ) - The ex-attorney for Bob Bashara says Bashara will likely face charges in connection with his wife's death.

Attorney David Griem says it appears that is the direction in which prosecutors are moving based on subpoenas that have been sent out.

"He will be charged in his wife's murder," Griem said. "There is going to be a second case guaranteed."

A spokesperson for Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy would only say that Jane Bashara's murder is still under investigation.

Griem's comments came after a court hearing Tuesday.

Bashara was expected to be arraigned on murder-for-hire charges in an alleged plot to kill Joe Gentz, his former handyman.

That arraignment was postponed until next week because Griem is withdrawing from the case, and the new attorney Mark Kriger is tied up in a federal case this week.

Gentz is behind bars charged with murdering Bashara's wife Jane, but Gentz reportedly claims Bashara forced him to strangle her at gunpoint.

Griem says Bashara plans to testify and tell his side of the story.

Prosecutors have said Bashara may have wanted Gentz dead to keep him from testifying against him.

Griem says he spoke to Bashara at length over the weekend.

"He understands he needs to go to war twice," Griem said. "He knows that one case is on the docket, and he's ready to defend himself."

Griem says given all the media attention and police leaks it will be difficult for Bashara to get a fair trial.

"It is going to be very difficult to get jurors that come in a court with an open mind," says Griem.

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