Attorney for Bob Bashara's former mistress says client was deceived into thinking Bashara was single

DETROIT (WXYZ) - As Bob Bashara's attorney prepares to file a response to the personal protection order against his client, the woman who sought that PPO is avoiding reporters for fear that talking publicly will hurt the investigation into the murder of Jane Bashara.

7 Action News spoke to attorney Doraid Elder who represents Rachel Gillett.

"The picture that's been painted of Rachel is that she is a willing mistress. She's not. She is someone that was duped, lied to, fell in love and this has been devastating for her," said Elder.

Elder says Gillett went house hunting with Bob Bashara because she believed that Bob and Jane Bashara were already divorced. And it was only several days after Jane Bashara was found dead that Gillett learned that the two were still married.

In her request for a personal protection order against Bashara, Gillett wrote: "After his wife's death I realized that he is much more of a danger to me than I ever imagined before and I am terrified that he will hurt me."

Bob Bashara is a person of interest in the murder of his wife. He maintains he had nothing to do with her strangulation.

Bashara's attorney David Griem says he will file a response to the PPO against his client by next Thursday but he has not plans to fight it because he thinks it's best that the two have no contact.

Prior to the PPO, Griem acknowledges that his client placed a palm frond cross in Rachel Gillett's mailbox on Palm Sunday.

"He wove it himself and did place it in her mailbox. His thought being that this is a very difficult time for both of them and maybe that would give her some spiritual help," said Griem.

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