Bob Bashara's alleged mistress speaks out; Geoffrey Fieger weighs in on case

GROSSE POINTE PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) - High-profile attorney Geoffrey Fieger says Bob Bashara's public relations strategy could end up putting him in legal jeopardy. Fieger tells Action News that if Bashara were his client he would advise him to stay silent.

"I frankly don't understand an attorney who would allow his client to speak to the press under these conditions and then would leak to the press that he gave his client a polygraph and he passed," Fieger said. "That's nonsensical. It's not doing his client any good."

Bob Bashara has spoken out several times since Jane Bashara was found murdered on January 25th in her SUV in Detroit.

Fieger won't speculate on who might be charged in the case but he believes police and prosecutor's are zeroing in on their suspects.

"Nobody has suggested that they believe this was some kind of random occurrence that she was dragged out of her home by an intruder. I would suspect that based on everything that you see and that you've heard that police and prosecutors believe that the person or persons who killed Mrs. Bashara are somebody that she knew."

Meanwhile, Rachel, Bashara's reported mistress, whose last name we are not using, is speaking out for the first time. She released this statement Sunday:

"I have not spoken to the media because I feel this issue has been terribly exploited and I wish no part in what has become a distraction to a serious murder investigation. I have cooperated fully with the authorities and will continue to do so. I would like to request that the media desist in contacting me, my friends, family and especially my children.

I think the general public should be ashamed of their feverish appetite for gossip. This is not a case that will be decided by what the general population thinks due to the sensational headlines. This can only be proven through the justice system as it works the way it was meant to.

A horrible crime has taken place, where a real person has lost her life and a whole family has been ripped apart.  I cannot imagine the grief those close to Jane Bashara are feeling. I wish a speedy resolution to this case, so those involved can have some closure and healing can begin for all of us, who in one way or another have lost so much."


No Arrests Yet

Grosse Pointe Police are not commenting on the release of Joseph Gentz, who sources say turned himself in last Tuesday and confessed to playing a role in the Bashara murder. Gentz was set free last Friday.

Fieger says just because Gentz was released does not mean there won't be charges – there is no statute of limitations on murder.

Bashara still remains a person of interest in the case.

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