Beaumont Hospital will pay new owner to take Grosse Pointe house

GROSSE POINTE, Mich. (WXYZ) - Beaumont Hospital isn't just giving away a historic house for free, the company will pay roughly $150,000 to have it moved to a new location.

The hospital bought the farmhouse on 16939 E. Jefferson in Grosse Pointe in 2011 along with neighboring properties. Beaumont wants to clear the space to build an employee parking lot.

Built in 1850, the farmhouse has maintained some of its old-world charm and has enticed new buyers since it came on the market six months ago. Beaumont, however, has not been able to seal the deal because of issues with land variances and city ordinances.

"We were working with Grosse Pointe Park," said Michael Hoeflein, who is part of Beaumont's real estate development team. "There was a great opportunity there, but it just didn't fit with the character of the community so we did not get approved there."

Beaumont is willing to give away the historic house for free and pay the relocation costs, which they estimate will be $150,000. The hospital would like to keep the farmhouse in a community near its current location.

Serious inquires can be made to:

Michael J. Hoeflein
313.473.1432 phone

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