Bob Bashara arrested for alleged plot to kill his handyman, Joe Gentz

(WXYZ) - Bob Bashara, the man who has lived under a cloud of suspicion for the murder of his wife Jane, is now in a Wayne County lockup.

Bashara, 54, was arrested in an alley behind one of his commercial properties in Grosse Pointe Park, the same building where sources say he held S&M sex parties. He was taken into custody around 7 p.m. Monday night.

A witness says officers appeared in marked and unmarked cruisers.

Right now Bashara is not being charged with Jane's murder.  Sources say prosecutors will charge Bob with solicitation to commit murder, accusing him of trying to hire a hit man to kill his handyman, Joeseph Gentz. 

"I don't have a crystal ball. I find that far-fetched for this reason; We all know that Joe Gentz was released by the prosecution and was out on the streets for seven or eight days before he was arrested again. If that were the theory then Joe Gentz wouldn't be around today," said David Griem, Bob Bashara's attorney.

"I don't know what to say at this point in time, but right now I'm speechless," Griem said.

You'll remember Gentz is the only one charged so far for Jane's murder. He's in jail awaiting trial.

Sources tell Action News Bob's plan was to have Gentz kill Jane and when the job was done – Gentz was to meet the same fate. According to police sources it was Gentz who says he was forced by Bob at gunpoint to strangle Jane inside the Bashara's garage at their home on Middlesex.

We reached out to Jane's family Monday night. Right now they have no comment.

Jane's body was found at end of January in her SUV in Detroit. She was strangled. Since her murder Bob has been a person of interest in the case. Multiple search warrants have been served at the Bashara home and Bob failed a police administered lie detector test.

As for Bashara, Griem says he's likely to be arraigned on Wednesday, but a time and date has not yet been set.

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