Bob Bashara files new court documents following PPO from ex-mistress Rachel Gillett

Bashara won't contest PPO

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Almost two weeks after being served with a personal protection order by his one-time mistress Rachel Gillett, Bob Bashara has now responded to the PPO with new court filings Wednesday afternoon.

Bashara's attorney, David Griem, argues there was no reason for Gillett to file a PPO in the first place, but Bashara is not contesting it nonetheless.

Griem calls Gillett's PPO a 'self-serving document' and 'replete with rhetoric', and the one allegation of physical conduct by Bashara is when he allegedly showed up at her door and pounded on it. Griem says that's just trying to get someone's attention.

Gillett's attorney, Doraid Elder, tells 7 Action News the response is "five pages of babble."

In her PPO request, Gillett wrote that Bashara has harassed and stalked her, and she feared that since his wife had been strangled, the same might happen to her.

Griem challenges Gillett on several of her claims. For example, when Gillett found a cross made of palm fronds in her mailbox, Griem says Bashara had apparently done it for years and it never crossed his mind that it would come across as stalking.

Griem says Gillett has worked herself into a hysterical state, and there is no factual basis for a PPO.

Still Bashara is not asking for any modification to the PPO, in fact he says it is in the best interest of both parties.

Elder says Bashara is not contesting the PPO because he does not want to be subjected to cross-examination in a hearing.


Bashara PPO Response

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