Bob Bashara in court as prosecutors ask for writing sample

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Bob Bashara and his lawyer were in a Wayne County Circuit Court Wednesday as the investigation into his wife's murder continues.

According to the Wayne Circuit Court, they were in court for a motion filed by David Griem.

The Wayne county Prosecutor's office is seeking a hand-written sample from Bashara. In his motion, Griem asked the court that someone, either himself or a person he designates, be allowed to sit in when Bashara provides the writing sample.

"He has nothing to hide, but if we're going to have police in the room then there should be the defense attorney in the room", Griem told Action News.

No decision was reached on the motion. The hearing will resume on April 18, at 2:30 p.m.

Bob Bashara has become the main suspect in his wife Jane's murder. He was called a "person of interest" shortly after her body was found in January.

Joe Gentz, a handyman who has done work for Bob Bashara, is being held on charges including murder and conspiracy.

Shortly after the murder Gentz walked into the Grosse Pointe Park Police Department and reportedly confessed to killing Jane Bashara.

Sources close to the investigation say Gentz claims Bob Bashara hired him to murder his wife and forced him to carry out the killing at gunpoint.

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