Bob Bashara's former mistress files a restraining order against him

(WXYZ) - The woman who was having an affair with Bob Bashara for at least three years has filed a personal protection order against him, claiming Bashara is stalking her.

In the Personal Protection Order filed Thursday Rachel Gillett says she is concerned about her safety and that she is terrified of her former lover.  Gillett states that after Jane Bashara's murder in March she realized Bob is much more of a danger than she "ever imagined."

Rachel lists dates and times that Bob tried to find her. In March she says Bob showed up at her home at 9:30 p.m. – Rachel wasn't there but the tenant in the downstairs apartment was frightened because it sounded like someone was trying to break into the house.

Rachel also accuses Bob of stalking her online, calling her repeatedly and leaving items in her mailbox.

At the end of the letter perhaps the most cryptic statement:

"The fact that his wife was found strangled terrifies me because I think it could happen to me," Gillet writes.

Bob Bashara has not been charged in connection with his wife's murder but he remains a person of interest. You can read the PPO documents below:

Bashara PPO

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