Bashara sentenced 80 to 240 months prison for Solicitation of Murder charges against former handyman

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Bob Bashara was sentenced Monday to 80 to 240 months behind bars for the Solicitation of Murder against his former handyman Joe Gentz.

Gentz is being charged will killing Bashara's wife, Jane in January 2012.

"I have been telling the truth from the beginning, Bob has used me and threatened me. He told me he had friends in the mafia and would have me killed," read Gentz's attorney Susan Reed when presenting the court with his victim impact statement."

"I went to the police, no one believed me," Reed continued.

Bashara too addressed the court by saying, "I know I absolutely did wrong, what I did was inexcusable, and I have no one to blame but myself."

Through tears he continued "I understand that I must pay before what I've done." "I absolutely stand before you and my family and the world to take responsibility for my actions."

Bashara will be credited 168 days for time already served.

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