Bob Bashara's defense attorney talks about life insurance policy for Bob's murdered wife Jane

GROSSE POINTE PARK (WXYZ) - On the record with 7Action News, Bob Bashara's attorney David Griem continues to defend his client publicly against accusations that Bashara was involved in the killing of his wife, Jane.

"I can tell you the insurance policies were not for large amounts of money. The total policies put together were less than $100,000. And keep in mind that if that's the police motive, Jane Bashara was making $120,000 a year," said Griem who discounted money as a possible motive in the murder.

Griem told 7 Action News, "If this case is based strictly on the evidence, or lack of evidence, and not based upon rumor, innuendo and police leaks, there will be no arrest of Bob Bashara".

Bob Bashara's former handyman Joe Gentz claims Bob hired him to kill his wife, Jane. Sources say Gentz also told investigators that Bashara forced him to carry it out by pointing a gun at his head.

Griem says his client does not own a handgun but does have a BB gun.

So far, no arrests have been made.

Police and prosecutors continue to investigate.

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