Cars are getting stuck and frozen to the ground in a neighborhood where the ice is inches thick

REDFORD TWP., Mich. (WXYZ) - The ice on the roads in one Redford Township neighborhood is so bad that cars are being damaged just driving down the street. 

People living in the area tell 7 Action News they have not seen plows or salt trucks in days and want the township to dig them out. 

When we drove around the neighborhood, the 7 Action News van could barely make it down icy streets like Nathaline. 

“It’s bad,” said Mary Klein who lives in the neighborhood.

In fact most of the neighborhood here is under ice and cars are getting stuck.

“I had to get out of my car and get a shovel and start chopping it up myself,” said Shelley Staffig.

Some cars are literally frozen to the ground with icicles.

“It was all water when I got out of work.  And I haven’t even been out and everyone is telling me it’s frozen to the ground,” said Klein.  She lives one street over on Tecumseh.

The ice on the streets is so thick and high, the underside of people’s cars are being ripped up.

“I looked underneath and sure enough there is a bunch of plastic hanging down and there is about 1200 worth of damage,” said Brian Gasperosky.

Neighbors tell 7 Action News they complained to the township, but no they’re not getting any help.

“I’ve sent the water department a letter and asked them why they haven’t shoveled or plowed,” said Staffig.

“Haven’t heard anything from Redford.   Haven’t seen anything,” said Gasperosky.

“No, nothing,” said Klein.

People said they have started breaking up the ice themselves so they’re not trapped in their neighborhood.

We called the township offices but they were closed.  We will be sure to follow-up Monday morning.

Residents tell us they will be attending a township meeting on Tuesday night to let officials know how unhappy they are with the condition of their streets.

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