Catherine Ferguson Academy students stage sit in to protest school closure

A dozen students 2 kids and 1 teacher stay put

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - The chanting and police sirens blended together... and the group refused to move for police cruisers. That was happening outside while more than a dozen students, 2 of their children, and 1 teacher refused to leave the school they love so much. "This is the only school like this in the country it helps young mothers get a 2nd chance, and they feel like they need to take a stand" said Shonta Driver National coordinator of B.A.M.N. who helped organize the protest.

Detroit police pulled in with one mission... pull everyone out.  One by one the teen moms were brought out in handcuffs... some kicking and shouting... others flashing peace signs and smiles. Detroit Public Schools Police Chief Roderick Grimes told us "after several warnings and refusals, we went in and arrested them for trespassing which is a misdemeanor."

"This was not the way to get the point across" said Steve Wasko of Detroit Public schools.  The sit in started after classes ended for the day at the Academy and students headed for Spring break.  The school gives mothers a 2nd chance, and apparently so did police. "They said they were arresting us but we just got a ticket" said 17-year old mother and Ferguson student Ashley Matthews.

The kids were given to loved ones then returned home.

All were released a couple of hours after the protest.

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