Citizens react to Detroit bankruptcy plan of adjustment

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Action News is getting reaction to the plan of adjustment surrounding Detroit's bankruptcy.

Roger Rice spent 38 years working as a general auto mechanic for the city of Detroit.

He retired two years ago, but says he hasn't been able to enjoy his retirement much because of so
much uncertainty regarding his pension and bankruptcy.

He says news that general city retiree pensions could be reduced by as much as 34 percent is devastating.

He says his wife just works part time and they have plenty of health care costs.
Rice says cutting that much from a $24,000 annual pension would be too much to handle.

"I'm over my head with my house. I may have to let it go," he says.

Mark Diaz is the president of the Detroit Police Officers Association. He says the plan of adjustment for police and fireĀ  is similar to what was in the draft and he doesn't believe it's the best deal for the city moving forward.

"The way the plan of adjustment is drafted right now with respect to pension, it would ultimately create a situation where our current police officers and firefighters would seriously have to consider looking for other employment because they're not entitled to social security benefits. Some of our people aren't entitled to medicare benefits either.

Diaz says he is hopeful and confident progress will be made in the mediation process.

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