Community invited to meet Gaza boy in U.S. for medical treatment

Dearborn (WXYZ) - When you meet Muath, the first thing you notice is his smile. 

His smile is big.

This smile is a big deal, because Muath has been through more than his fair share of tragedy. 

His mother died of cancer, and he suffered through bone cancer.  He lost his leg to the disease. He also lives in a country where violence is a part of life.  He and his family live in Gaza.  The refugee camp where they most recently have been finding shelter was hit during the recent violence between Israel and Palestinians.

The Palestine Children's Relief Fund paid to bring Muath to the United States for medical treatment. 

Seven Action News cameras were rolling as a host family picked him up at Detroit Metro Airport. 

Today the community is getting a chance to meet Muath.  The Palestine Children's Relief Fund is hosting a meet and greet from 3 p.m. until 8 p.m. at the Hanini Outreach and Community Center.

When Muath goes home he will go home with a new prosthetic leg, and hopefully the ability to get around with ease.  The event is meant to raise his spirits and show him many people support him.

The Hanini Outreach and Community Center is located at 4045 Maple in Dearborn.

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