Cop testifies for D'Andre Lane's defense to suggest toddler Bianca Jones is still alive

DETROIT (WXYZ) - D'Andre Lane and his attorneys have built their defense around the idea that Bianca Jones is still alive and that they just don't know where to find the two-year-old.

On Tuesday, Detroit Police Officer Tanika Gibbs got on the stand as a witness for the defense to testify that eight days after Lane reported that Bianca had been snatched by carjackers, she saw a toddler that looked like Bianca in a house on the city's west side.

Gibbs says it wasn't until the next day when she saw a different photo of the missing toddler that she figured she had better contact her superior. In the coming days, Gibbs claims she reached out to investigators but that they blew off her information.

Gibbs says she contacted a television news reporter who told her to contact Lane's defense team.

On cross-examination, prosecutors pointed out to Gibbs that it had been determined the child she thought may have been Bianca, actually belonged to someone else.

The defense only called two witnesses. The other was also a Detroit Police Officer. Officer Oscar Garza testified that his tracking dog picked up a human scent about fifteen feet away from Lane's vehicle and that it led them to a vacant apartment building where a black ski mask was also discovered.

When it came time for Lane to make a decision on whether he was going to take the stand and tell the jury about what he says happened when carjackers drove off with Bianca, he declined.

Closing arguments are set to take place Wednesday morning.

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