Detroit firefighters say they do not have toilet paper in some of the station bathrooms

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - Toilet paper is the last thing that firefighters thought they would have to negotiate for, but their union president said that is their new reality.

"I don't know anybody else in the world that has to negotiate with their employer to get toilet paper," said Dan McNamara, President of the Detroit Firefighters Association. 

He said that for months they have been short on basic necessities like toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

"We're buying all of our own supplies.  We've even had to go to arbitration to have an arbitrator make the city give this to us," said McNamara.

Firefighters have started going and buying cleaning products and toilet paper themselves just so they can have clean and sanitary bathrooms.

"There's a lack of respect for the basics that we need," said McNamara.

This weekend residents started donating toiletries after hearing their firefighters are in short supply.  The mayor's office would not comment because they are still looking into it.  The department recently implemented a new purchasing and inventory system that could be to blame but the switch over happened in July.

7 Action News spoke with Fire Commissioner Donald Austin by phone tonight.  He said he just got back into town but that he would be looking into the situation on Monday.

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