Detroit police officers hear more proposed cuts after a mediation meeting with the City of Detroit

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - More cuts could be on the way for Detroit police officers after the City of Detroit comes to them with new proposals to save money.

Detroit police officers walked out of the union meeting furious at city leadership. The officers say they are so stressed about how to feed their families that they are worried it will affect their performance in the field.

"It's ridiculous that I'm going to get out here and risk my life for $720 every two weeks," said officer Irvan Higgins. He is fed up to hear about more possible cuts.  "I'm going to be homeless by December," he said.

Officer Higgins has three children to feed.  Detroit police officers have already taken a 10 percent pay cut and lost a lot of benefits.  Now, the city is proposing new ways to alter their pension benefits. The city would also take away healthcare for some spouses during retirement.

"It just gets depressing and it gets depressing for my kids.  When I have to tell them I can't get you this or I can't get you that, because our check doesn't cover it," said Detroit police officer Angela Rudolph.  She said that even giving her 12-year-old daughter lunch money is more than they can afford.  Her husband is also Detroit police officer.

"It's going to be hard for us," said Rudolph.  She said she is most worried about paying for groceries and being able to pay the bills and the house note.

She is also worried about 12-hour shifts that start September 17. 

"My kids are going to miss their daddy and I'm going to miss my husband," she said.

All of these cuts and proposals are supposed to be a cost savings for the City of Detroit.  These officers wonder, who will save them? 

"I get on my knees every day and pray to God to give me some money from somewhere.  That's it," said Rudolph. 

Mayor Dave Bing was not available for comment Friday night.  The union has another mediation meeting with the city on September 17.  An arbitrator will be sitting in on that meeting.

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