Elderly couple living in Lincoln Park without running water

(WXYZ)-Lincoln Park - An elderly Lincoln Park couple has been living without running water for nearly seven weeks.

The couple woke up one morning and the water didn't work in the kitchen, bathroom or basement. And although they called the City of Lincoln Park, weeks later, they still have no solution.

It's unknown exactly what caused the water to stop flowing.  Employees with Lincoln Park's water department believe the pipe from the water main to the couple's home may be frozen because no other residents in the area are experience a similar problem. 

If that is the case, it would be the couple's responsibility to fix the problem. 

Stanley and Johanna Labi believe the city should be responsible for repairs, which cost thousands of dollars.  A contractor has told them he believes it falls under the city's responsibility.

Until things get worked out, the couple is trying to get by any way possible.  They've been melting snow on their stove so they can use the bathroom.  Neighbors have also been dropping off jugs of water.

The water department is offering a temporary solution; they can run a line from a neighbor's home to get some running water into the home.  That would buy everyone some time to figure out the problem and if the line is frozen, the upcoming warmer weather may help thaw the line.

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