Emotional day in court as victims' family members face accused murderers of Westland teens in court

DETROIT (WXYZ) - An emotional day in court, as the family members of two murdered teenagers from Westland came face-to-face with the accused killers.  

Jacob Kudla, 18, and Jourdan Bobbish, 17, were shot execution style in Detroit back in 2012.

Kudla’s cousin and aunt left a Detroit courtroom furious today, saying one of the men accused of killing Jacob was making lewd gestures at the aunt.

Felando Hunter, 23, also known as “Lando,” and Fredrick Young, 25, who goes by the nickname “Lock,” are charged with torturing and murdering the teenagers from Westland.

During a preliminary examination, the judge asked that we not show the witnesses’ faces as they described a drug deal gone terribly wrong inside a home on Detroit’s East Side.

“Was it the two white boys that were looking to purchase drugs,” asked Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Danielle Hagaman-Clark.

“Yes,” said Brandon Hall.

“What happens at that point,” asked Hagaman-Clark.

“They got robbed,” said Hall.

“I heard the white boys kind of panic like, 'What’s going on, what’s happening?' And they just like said 'Shut up,'” testified Stephany Seawright.

“Who is they,” asked Hagaman-Clark.

“Lock and Lando are both like ‘Shut up,” said Seawright. 

“What did the white boys do in response to that,” asked Hagaman-Clark.

“They were still pleading, like 'Whatever you want just take it, we can just leave,'” said Seawright.

The witnesses said the suspects hit one of the teens with a gun. Then they took the teens clothes from them, and marched them to a car outside.

“And you were able to see these two white boys getting into the trunk of the car,” Hagaman-Clark asked Hall.
“Yes,” said Hall.

Kudla and Bobbish’s family members sobbed throughout the testimony and wore armbands to remember the young men.

“You hope for closure. I don’t think you’re ever going to get closure, unless he comes back home, and we know the answer to that,” said Jourdan’s father, Michael Bobbish, outside the courtroom.

At times, Hall was extremely difficult on the stand. Young’s defense attorney Jeffrey Edison argued to Judge Michael Wagner that several of Hall’s statements were very inconsistent.

“His testimony is critically suspect,” said Edison.

But Seawright so far is backing up what Hall said on the stand, and there are still several people who are expected to testify when the preliminary exam resumes next week.

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