Fans excited for game 3 of the World Series try to snag last minute tickets

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - The excitement around Comerica Park today is undeniable as fans made their way downtown to watch the Tigers in the World Series.

"We have burgers and brats.  Beer and water, and triple crowns!" shouted Jim Vermeulen.  The Plymouth man brought his whole family downtown to be a part of the Tigers action.  They outfitted their van with a flat screen TV and banners of Miguel Cabrera.  They will continue their fun inside Comerica Park.  

"We have 16 tickets we are going in big time," said Vermuelen.

For many fans this will be an experience of a lifetime.

"They are in the world series!" shouted 8-year-old Dylan Magdich.  It is a bonding moment that both father and son will never forget.

"I remember in 1984 I wasn't able to go so this is just so much more special," said Dan Magdich.

Some fans are willing to do just about anything to get in, like give away their allowance.

"My allowance for someone's ticket.   I'm just trying to get into the game," said 10-year-old Chance Annis.  He held up a sign telling people he would give up his allowance money for one ticket.

He came from Grand Rapids with his grandfather with only one ticket.  Two hours before the game started they were looking for one more.

"It's the World Series.  Everyone wants to go to the World Series," said Chance.

"He wants to be here so bad I said we'll get him in somehow," said his grandfather Dave Annis.

They eventually scored a ticket shortly before game time.  Chance's grandfather said that someone saw his grandson's sign and felt bad and gave them a ticket.

Fans streamed into the ball park to watch history and those outside just wanted to be around the ball park to have fun and be a part of the moment.

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