Farmington Hills man meets 49-year-old son for the first time

ROMULUS, Mich (WXYZ) - It took 31 years, 12 hours and six minutes, but the moment finally came. Michael Hubbard got to meet his father for the first time.

"I've just been crying all day and figured I was cried out, but obviously not," said Hubbard through the tears.

Hubbard, 49, travelled from College Station, Texas to meet his father, Warren Powell of Farmington Hills. Powell had a relationship with Hubbard's mother in the 1960s. He left Texas soon after to serve overseas in the Airforce, and Hubbard's mother never said he she was pregnant.

At the age of 18, Hubbard began searching for his father. Along the way, he came across many dead ends, but Hubbard said he couldn't give up. He got some extra help through his experience as a Texas state trooper and from friends who were investigators.

Three weeks ago, DNA testing confirmed Powell was the father. On Wednesday Hubbard got aboard flight #616 from Dallas to Detroit, and met the man he had been searching for.

"I've always wanted a son," Warren said, holding his Michael. "So through the grace of god, I have one now. I can't tell you what I'm thinking, it's unbelievable.

The family will now try to catch up on 49-years of life, and it starts with dinner Wednesday night.

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