Finishing touches are being put on cars and displays for the North American Interational Auto Show

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - The North American International Auto Show will open doors to the public January 19.  Saturday starts a week long of special preview events.

Crews have been working for weeks to get Cobo Center ready for some 50 vehicles to make their debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

"This year in particular everybody's got a little something to bring and I call it like the Kentucky Derby.  All the horses come out and it's the best in the world and we never know until the end of media day who comes out on top," said Rod Alberts, Executive Director for NAIAS.

Alberts said car manufacturers brought their ‘A' game this year to make it the best experience possible for you.

"Everybody has come in with two story displays or high resolution TVs and video and then you have another 750 cars," said Alberts.

All of the cars are kept under wraps in the main showroom.

When walking around Cobo Center you'll notice a lot of influences from Detroit businessman Dan Gilbert who wanted the place to have a facelift with 14,000 feet of Fathead graphics.

"The theme is Opportunity Detroit which is kind of a mantra for all of Detroit to get together and celebrate that the world is here for the auto show," said Brian Stevenson, V.P. of Public Relations for Fathead.

The NAIAS opens its doors to the public January 19-27.

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