Flooding causes closure, major traffic backup on Southfield Freeway near Michigan Aven. in Dearborn

DEARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) - Flooding caused a major problem on the Southfield Freeway near Michigan Avenue in Dearborn on Monday afternoon.

Both directions of the freeway were closed for hours due to flooding under the Village Road bridge.

The northbound and southbound lanes have since been reopened.

Earlier, numerous vehicles could be seen stuck in the flood water and traffic was backed up for miles.

People who were stuck in their cars on the freeway called friends for help.

"Nobody could get to him, and if I could get to him, to try my best," said Mohammad Ayoub.   Ayoub could not get to his friend stranded in the water because he himself hit flood waters.  "This is the farthest I could get.  So I told him you will have to walk to me so I could get you home."

When Mohammad tried to drive down Village Road, which happened to be the closest point to his friend, he found the road flooded for a quarter mile.  Soon, about a half hour later we saw his friend Ali Bazzi walking our way.  He had to abandon his vehicle.

"I was driving a minivan.  All the cars made it except mine.  When I got stuck another car got stuck on the right of me and then there was another car, a third car that was floating around in the water," said Bazzi.  "There were semi trucks that tried to squeeze through and they were pushing the waves and it was pushing the car," he said.

Bazzi was not the only one who needed help getting out of the water. 

Brashand Krishne's car stalled when he tried to drive through the water.  "About this high," said Krishne as he pointed to the point on his bumper where the water hit his car when he tried to drive down Village Road.

"Hopefully my car will start once it gets dried up," said Krishne.

Water even got in the car and he had to use a cup like a bucket.  Friends helped push him out and then they waited for the tow truck and everyone waited for the water to go down. 

Tow trucks did not come for some of the cars until 9 p.m.




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