Florida woman disappears after meeting online date; family in Michigan extremely worried

Sandra Lemire vanished on Tuesday

TAYLOR, Mich. (WXYZ) - Mystery in Florida.

What happened to Sandra Lemire?

The 47-year-old was known to be an online dater. She was apparently on several online dating sites. Family members say it was on speeddate.com where she made contact with a man who is a McDonald's district manager. She drove from her home in Orlando to a McDonalds restaurant in Kissimmee about 30 minutes away.

"I told her from day one just quit it, just meet the guy the old-fashioned way, not online," says Sandy's son Tim Lemire, Jr.

Lemire is from metro Detroit but moved down to Orlando and had been living with her grandmother. Her father also lives in Orlando.

Sandy's three sons, brother and ex-husband live in Taylor.

Police in Florida tell 7 Action News the man Sandy met with is not a person of interest. Police say the two met for about an hour and both went their separate ways. That was Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. and nobody has seen her since.

Police say the man's story checks out but will not say if there is surveillance video that backs up his story. Family members say the man's name is Joe.

Meantime Action News has learned there may be another mystery man in the picture.

"She called me to ask if she can come here to my house for a week to see her boys because she was involved with an abusive boyfriend down in Florida," says ex-husband Tim Lemire, Sr. "And that she really needed to leave the state of Florida."

Florida relatives are not aware of any boyfriend.

Sandy had taken her grandmother's red 2004 Ford Freestyle van and called her when she arrived at McDonald's. She was supposed to call when the date ended but did not.

"Everybody's just very, very concerned with it," said Pauline Varner, Sandy's grandmother. "We don't want to think what's happening."

Family members in Florida and in metro Detroit say they are not sure if Sandy met with foul play or if she disappeared on her own.

And there is a third possibility: Sandy has diabetes and family members wonder whether she may have gone into a diabetic shock. She did not have her insulin with her when she left for the date.

Sandy's father Robert tells 7 Action News he has driven hundreds of miles in the area looking for any sign of Sandy or the Ford van.

On her Facebook page, Sandy says she likes to party but family members say she always stayed in touch whenever she went out.

 "She's even from what I've been told brought some of the men back to meet my grandmother before they go out," says Mark Jardine, Sandy's brother.

Family members in Florida say police took Sandy's laptop, ipad and one of her cell phones. The cell phone she had on her had been ringing but now goes straight to voicemail and the voicemail is full.

Sgt. Vince Ogburn of the Orlando Police Department tells 7 Action News there is no reason to believe that foul play is involved at this point in the investigation.

Many tips have come in to Orlando PD.

"No leads have panned out," says Sgt. Ogburn.

The van Lemire had been driving has Florida license plate J36-8ZE.

Anyone with information should call Orlando Police at 321-235-5300 or 800-423-TIPS.

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