Ford Motor Company cooperating with federal probe into former employee

(WXYZ) - Ford Motor Company says they are cooperating with federal investigators after turning over 8 recording devices that were found inside the company's Dearborn world headquarters.

Ford released the following statement about the investigation:

Ford initiated an investigation of a now former employee and requested the assistance of the FBI.  Ford’s offices were not searched by the agency; Ford voluntarily provided the information and items requested in the search warrant.  We continue to work in cooperation with the FBI on this joint investigation.  As this is an ongoing investigation, we are not able to provide additional details.

The investigation came to light in a series of search warrants that were filed with the United State District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. The subjects of the search warrant are the former employee's home and Gmail account, as well as Ford World Headquarters.

Among the items turned over at the Glass House include 8 recording devices and electronic information, including emails.

Items seized from the former employee's home include another audio recorder, 5 computers, USB drives, a cell phone and documentation of both a personal nature and from Ford Motor Company.

While we are not revealing the former employee's name, her attorney, Marshall Tauber, addressed the recording devices, saying “She had them to assist in her taking notes and for meetings she attended," before hanging up the phone.

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