Forensics tests: Bob Bashara's DNA possibly linked to crime scene

GROSSE POINTE PARK (WXYZ) - Could forensics test results obtained exclusively by 7 Action News link Bob Bashara to his wife's murder?

Ann Chamberlain, a former Michigan State Police forensic scientist, examined the report. She says a blood sample taken from the garage at Jane and Bob's Grosse Pointe Park home, where it is believed Jane was killed, show both of their DNA.

"If the victim is bleeding from this incident and there's a combination of DNA from the victim and Bob that would indicate that had some contact during the period of time when she is bleeding," said Chamberlain.

Chamberlain says it's also possible the mixed DNA sample is from a previous incident, but that it could show a history of violence depending on the age of the sample.

The report, according to Chamberlain, also suggests that Jane's DNA was found on the bottom of handyman Joe Gentz's boot. Gentz has previously told others Bob forced him to kill Jane by strangling her, eventually placing his boot on her neck.

Action News reached out to Bob Bashara's attorney, Mark Kriger, but he declined to comment on the results.

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