Former Bashara attorney David Griem fined in Contempt of Court case

DETROIT (WXYZ) - David Griem stood quietly in a courtroom in 36th District Court Monday morning in Detroit.

The attorney is charged with and pled guilty to civil cases of Contempt Of Court.  It was alleged Griem, Bob Bashara's former attorney issued a false subpoena for records on Joe Gentz.

Griem, is no longer representing Bashara on this case. Gentz has been charged in the murder of Bashara's wife, Jane Bashara. 

Bashara, recently admitted to trying to hire someone to kill Gentz, his former handyman.  He pled guilty to solicitation of murder.

Prosecutors say Griem, also violated the discovery order.  Important information can only be viewed by attorney and client. It was reported that someone else had access to the discoveries in Bashara's case.

Monday morning, Chief Judge Kenneth King, ordered Griem to pay $2,000 to Susan Reed.  Reed represents Gentz. 

Griem was also ordered to pay $2,000 to the Wayne County Prosecutor's office, and $4,000 in court fees.

He will have until Febuary 26th to pay the money.

If it is not paid by then, he will face more serious charges.

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