Gov. Snyder wants Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, city council to get things under control and drop lawsuit

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - After a town hall meeting in Port Huron 7 Action News caught up with Governor Rick Sndyer and asked if the state would really let Detroit run out of money next week.  7 Action News was the only TV station there.

"Well it's really up to Detroit.  As a practical matter, they filed the lawsuit.  That if they look at the consequences of their actions they really need to evaluate that," said Gov. Rick Snyder.

Governor Rick Snyder told 7 Action News tonight that it is Detroit's own fault that they could run out of money next week.  The problem is one that he said the mayor and city council need to figure out before it is too late.

"I would say it's a Detroit internal issue and I encourage the mayor, the city council, the corporate council, to spend as much time as possible to get it resolved and put this issue to bed," said Gov. Snyder.

The governor did not care to hear anything about how Mayor Dave Bing cannot force the Corporation Counsel to drop the lawsuit without violating the city charter.

 "We didn't create this situation, and it's really a situation where we are trying to partner with Detroit.  And again, it's within the city of Detroit to resolve this problem," said Gov. Snyder.

And he wants people to stop coming at him with that $230 million dollars in revenue sharing that Detroit believes they are owed from the state back from when Engler was in office.

"That's one of the claims that I don't think has any validity, but it's created this issue now with doing the financing. So I encourage Detroit to solve their own problems as quickly as possible," said Gov. Snyder.

The governor said that maybe the state could look back and examine the issue but at a later date.  He stands firm right now that the state will not back down on their ultimatum for Detroit to drop the lawsuit or risk losing revenue sharing money.

Today Mayor Dave Bing said that he urged the Corporation Counsel to drop the lawsuit and her opinion about the Financial Stability Agreement.  Mayor Bing said that because of the new city charter people voted on in November, he does not have the power to force her to drop the lawsuit.

City counsil has a closed session meeting on Monday to discuss the lawsuit.

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