Highland Park residents use cats to fight rat problem on Tennyson Street

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) - What do you do to stop a rat problem on your street? Anything that might work! For residents of Highland Park's Tennyson Street, that's meant relying on neighborhood cats for help.

The unwelcome rodents are coming from a pair of abandoned houses on Tennyson Street -- right next to a home full of kids.

"We have to get cats just to eliminate some of the issues we've been having," explained Miraldia Franco who lives nearby. She says her son found a kitten, Tommy, who the family has now brought on to help.

Neighbors were desperate for help and called 7 Action News about the problem. We reached out to the city.

Mayor DeAndre Windom says crews will be sent to the neighborhood today. He also told 7 Action News that he will seek grant money to help tear down the two homes.

Meanwhile, Tommy, the two-month-old kitten, is on patrol along Tennyson Street.

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