Hoarders kicked out of Ypsilanti condo after neighbors complain of filthy conditions

YPSILANTI, Mich. (WXYZ) - Hoarders have been kicked out of an Ypsilanti condo after filthy conditions created a headache for their neighbors.

Township leaders say the hoarders were living in trash and feces here in the 1500 block of Wingate.

Cockroaches infested the place and are creeping into neighboring units.
The condo association filed a lawsuit in circuit court to get the homeowners to fix the problem.

And just last week, Ypsilanti's board of trustees also signed on to that lawsuit.

Right now, a judge has agreed to a temporary restraining order, keeping anyone from living in the unit.

There are some mental issues here,” says neighbor Sarah Brewer. “That's what's here. Anytime someone lives under these conditions, there's got to be something wrong mentally.”

This is the third time the township has been called to deal with the hoarding problem since 2011.


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