Human skull found in field in Brownstown Township

BROWNSTOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - "We are just hoping that it is my sister for closure," said Louise Collier who learned from detectives in Brownstown Township that while a human skull has been found, they do not yet know if it's that of her missing sister, Lizzie Mae Collier-Sweet.

The skull was found about a week ago by a man walking through a field in Brownstown Township.

Police have asked 7 Action News not to disclose the exact location where it was found as they continue to investigate and wait for the Wayne County Medical Examiner to determine the race and sex of the person.

Investigators say the skull could belong to a new homicide victim, but they have not ruled out the possibility that the skull belongs to Collier-Sweet who police suspect was murdered by her husband, Roger Sweet.

In January of 2007, the home Lizzie Mae Collier-Sweet shared with her husband went up in flames and she has not been seen since.

Police say they found evidence of foul play in the home and Collier-Sweet's diary where she revealed that she was scared of her husband.

We're told she feared him so much that she slept on the couch next to a hammer and a shotgun.

Roger Sweet claimed that when he left the house that morning and headed to work, his wife was alive and sleeping on the couch.

But Collier-Sweet's body was not in the house and has not been found after a number of intensive searches.

Roger Sweet is currently serving time for sexually assaulting a mentally disabled woman and the 1990 killing of his first wife, Marlene Sweet.

Years ago, the death of Marlene Sweet had been ruled accidental but after the disappearance of Lizzie Mae Collier-Sweet, that investigation was reopened by Farmington Hills Police.

Roger Sweet, 64, pleaded no contest to Second Degree Murder and is now serving time in prison.

Evidence that led to the sexual assault case also surfaced as police were looking into Collier-Sweet's disappearance.

If it turns out that the skull found belongs to Collier-Sweet, police say they may have what they need to finally charge Roger Sweet who could be released from prison as early as May 14, 2019.

Since being incarcerated in 2008, we're told Sweet has not made a single phone call.

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