Hundreds of Warren residents begin cleanup after floods devastate their homes

WARREN, Mich., (WXYZ) - Homes across Warren are flooded and hundreds are digging out trying to salvage what they can.

On Champaigne Street it's trash pile after trash pile. Everything from TV's, carpets to momentos.

Larry Stornant has lived in Warren for more than 50 years. Monday's flood was the 15th flood he's endured during the time he's called Warren home.

Since Monday he and his neighbors have literally been digging out. After all, black mold can set in within hours after contaminated water fills your home, especially in basements that aren't well ventilated.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts spoke to Action News about the hundreds of calls he's received  and made. He took the time to make a plea to Governor Snyder to declare Warren a disaster area calling this most recent flood the worst he's seen.

By declaring the city a disaster area, Mayor Fouts says it would free up state and federal money to help the countless residents make much needed repairs to homes.

So many of the homeowners we talked with say their homeowners policies and renter's policies didn't cover flooding. That along with the aftermath of the storm is leading many to make immediate changes to their insurance plans.

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