Inkster mother who is survivor of domestic violence faces eviction

INKSTER, Mich. (WXYZ) - Allison Ben of Inkster says she is being treated unfairly because of the actions of her ex.

She's 9 months pregnant and the mother of a 4 year-old girl.

She says she's a survivor of domestic violence who feels like she's being victimized all over again.

"I don't know where I'm gonna call home. It's stressful preparing for a new baby and I don't know where I'm gonna bring it home to," says Ben.
Allison Ben lives the Canterbury Estates in Inkster which is owned and managed by the Inkster Housing Commission. She moved in November of 2012, but says last summer, the father of her 4 year-old started showing up and harassing her as well as physically assaulting her.

"He was attacking me, breaking my stuff ... being loud," she says.

Ben says she called the Housing Commission police officer, who got her daughter's father to leave, but discouraged Ben from calling police again. She says she was told it could cause her to be evicted.

Ben says eventually she had to call the cops again because she feared for her life even though she got a PPO against her daughter's father.

"When I called the last time, they (the cops) told the Inkster Housing Commission. I was brought in and told I was being a nuisance because I was disturbing the peace. It's just unfair," she says.

Ben says she was told she was being evicted because she couldn't "control her guest". Ben reached out to the Fair Housing Center - and is being represented by the Legal Aid and Defender Association. They are trying to stop the eviction process and say it is not only illegal, but cruel.

A hearing that was supposed to be held today was adjourned until January 7th.
Ben learned that she will be able to stay at her apartment until that date, but she doesn't know what will happen after that.

"I don't know .. probably go to a shelter .. I don't know," says Ben.

7 Action News reached out to the Inkster Housing Commission for comment on Ben's case. So far, our calls have not been returned.

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