Inkster school district faces a payless payday and --according to sources-- a police investigation

INKSTER, Mich. (WXYZ) - A local school district does not have enough money to make payroll next Friday. The Inkster Public Schools had to hold an emergency meeting Thursday night to address the serious problem.   

It comes at the same time that sources tell 7 Action News that the school's administration is being investigated for misspending. 

The district is drowning in debt and board members had to use up one of their lifelines to get them out of trouble this time.

Problems started for the school district long before the gavel dropped at the emergency meeting. Sources tell 7 Action News the state forced the district to call the meeting because they are in danger of facing a payless payday next Friday.

"It is required that we all have shared sacrifice or most certainly there will be mutual destruction," said Superintendent of Inkster Schools Mischa Bashir.

The district's bank account for payroll is short $30,000 dollars. Plus, the district is in debt to outside vendors at just over three quarters of a million dollars. 

School board members passed a resolution to ask the state for an advance on their October state aid payment to cover the staff paychecks. They are only allowed one advance a year. They are also talking with Comerica Bank about borrowing almost $1.5 million dollars to pay outstanding debts. 

At the meeting, Superintendent Bashir attributed the deficit to declining enrollment, renegotiating union contracts, and payment plan changes by the state. This comes at the same time that sources in a law enforcement agency tell 7 action news that the administration is being investigated. The allegations include misspending federal money, not following the current deficit spending plan, and paying tens of thousands of dollars to outside companies that do not exist.

When we asked the superintendent to talk about the current money problems, she said no comment.  When asked about the police investigation, the superintendent said she did not know what we were talking about but would not stop to talk with us.

None of the other school board members would answer any of our questions Thursday night. 

As long as the state agrees to advance the money, which they have verbally said they will, the district will make payroll next Friday.

The 7 Action News investigators first revealed misspending by the administration under Bashir in May, finding thousands of dollars spent on lunches at restaurants that staffers said were unnecessary.    

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