IRS agents execute search warrant at former Wayne County Commissioner Moe Blackwell's home

(WXYZ) - The IRS executed a search warrant at the home of a former Wayne County Commissioner.

IRS agents showed up at the home of Moe Blackwell on Wednesday.  They were there for about three hours.  They left with about 20 boxes of documents.  We are told they are tax records dating back to 1999.

An attorney for Moe Blackwell says it is concerning in general when IRS agents come to your door, but Moe Blackwell is not worried because he did nothing wrong.

Moe Blackwell was not only a Wayne County Commissioner, but a businessman.  He has had some bars and restaurants.  He also has worked as a concert promoter.

His father is Arthur Blackwell, the former Highland Park Emergency Manager.  Arthur Blackwell is facing charges of embezzlement.  He's accused of  improperly paying himself $264-thousand when he was the Emergency Financial Manager.  He says it was money promised to him in verbal agreement with the Governor at the time, Jennifer Granholm.

So far the IRS has not said why it needed those tax records confiscated from Moe Blackwell's home.

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