Tropical Storm Isaac having impact on Michigan residents

WAYNE COUNTY, Mich (wxyz) - Neil Todd of Belleville is a Red Cross volunteer who is leaving on Tuesday to drive south into Tropical Storm Isaac's path.

He expects to be deployed for at least 10 days, giving food to those who are either forced out of their homes or just need it.

Neil started volunteering three years ago after retiring from an auto supplier job of 46 years. One of his first assignments was Joplin, Missouri after the tornado hit last year.

He says he is looking forward to getting to the hardest hit area because the people need the Red Cross and are so appreciative when they show up. Neil expects to be gone for at least 10 days, his wife Maggie says she is proud of him.

At the same time Neil is excited, a man named Bill Grube standing at the terminal at Metro Airport  is frustrated and exhausted.  Isaac has delayed trip home to the Bahamas by at least a full day.  He was supposed to leave for Miami at 6:30 Monday morning and 15 hours later he was still waiting for a flight to Chicago to wait for a flight to Miami and then for a flight to Freeport.

"Sure I am frustrated," he says, "but the weather is the weather and I'd rather be safe."

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