Jane Bashara's family breaks silence with written statement

GROSSE POINTE PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) - After staying silent for much of the investigation into Jane Bashara's murder, her family is breaking its silence with this written statement:

After recent comments made to the media about Jane our family feels compelled to respond. It is well-known in our family that Bob and Jane did not have a perfect marriage.  Over the last several years, our family has observed an obvious change in Bob and Jane's relationship.  We, as a family, are certain that Jane would have chosen to end her marriage rather than participate in an open marriage. We are unaware of any other man in Jane's life and sincerely believe we would have known about any such person due to our close relationship with our sister/daughter.  We are confident that anyone who knows Jane would agree that she held herself to the highest ideals of honesty, loyalty, ethics and morals.  Any comments made to the contrary should be met with disbelief.

Our family is devastated and deeply troubled by the horrific situation in which Jane's children have been placed.  Those two incredible young adults have the best of their amazing mother within them, and we will continue to remind them of that and urge them to hold onto all that their mother taught and instilled in them.  Jane consistently stressed the importance of strong family relationships and we remain committed to the support and well being of her children. Each and every member of our family loves them both with all our hearts and not a moment goes by that we aren't praying for and thinking about them.

We respectfully request that all media refrain from any further contact with our elderly parents, who are in a deep and profound state of shock and grief.  Thank you.

The siblings and parents of Jane

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