Judge denies motion to reduce Bob Bashara's bond, keeps it at $15 million

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A Wayne County judge has denied a motion by Bob Bashara and his attorney to reduce his $15 million bond.

The motion was heard by Judge Bruce Morrow last Tuesday . Bashara has been charged with trying to have his former handyman Joe Gentz killed.

Gentz is charged with killing Bashara's wife Jane. He has reportedly told police that he was forced to kill her by Bob Bashara.

Bashara's attorney had argued that the $15 million bond was so high that it violated Michigan's constitutional requirement that calls for a reasonable bond.

Prosecutors argued against reducing the bond, saying Bashara's ties to the community are weakening. They also said he is a flight risk and that he has been retaliating against witnesses in the case against him.

Bashara's trial is set to begin on November 12.

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